KOH SAMED-(samed island)

Hello folks.Happy 2015 to start off.
200 kms from Bangkok,Thailand lies a not so much explored island-SAMED.Not Pattaya dudes-SAMED.ok.
I was so lucky to go there during New years eve,somehow ended up going there without any plans..ok.lets get to the point rather than knowing how my fate and time  turned and made me landed up there..
Lets focus on KOH SAMED…
so people, if you want to have a budget travelling dont stay at the Island instead stay near to Ban Phe pier.
I lived in this ban phe hostel-cheap and awesome and also friendly owner(yayaya i m her LINE app friend now)After all the bus travelling i did from north to central,i dozed off and explored d local area of ban phe.


Next day morning,i took a boat to the island and this boat had almost everything from people,vegetables,cats everything… and this 40 mins of ride was so cool.As usual i ended up talking to people in Thinglish(mixture of Thai and English) and ended up knowing that this island was a pirate island.
Indeed, i wished to find a  thai Jack sparrow..bwahahhaha.


As there are 14 beaches in Koh samed,i thought of visiting all but i managed to walk around and saw 10 in 6 hours and i was so amazed to see non touristy and calm beaches as it was not expected..check these pics





yes, there is a nightlife here too not in a grand way but you can definitely meet like minded strangers and end up becoming friends.
The deal is whenever you visit Bangkok,do visit Koh samed for beautiful,calm and blue beaches,soft white sand,not so expensive food,cheap hostels and new friends.
what else do you need in this lifetime???
Dont forget to comment,and yes till than peace out.✌
Ciao folks.
Happy travelling and blogging.


3 thoughts on “KOH SAMED-(samed island)

  1. Wowee! This is such an amazing place. I love reading your blog Monica , Atleast I can see the beauty virtually and maybe someday make it to them . Amazing . Keep travelling and posting πŸ™‚
    Love you and miss you hope we can hang out soon in near future like old times πŸ™‚

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