Tourism-phu chi fah


This piece of heaven is known as PHU CHI FAH, a mountain in Thailand located at the eastern part of Thoeng District, Chiang Rai Province.i visited this place  on a motorbike with my friend,somehow to  see the sunrise.The ride was 2 hours of driving from my place-Chiangkham.Those 2 hours were accompanied with numbness,cold winds,and the words-Its COoooold.It was worth travelling to see this .


The view of how nature unfolds its way was awe strucking.The movement of fog and clouds making its way to welcome a new day with the help of giant star-SUN..My eyes connected this view so well,somehow it made me feel truly  blessed.This mountain divides Thailand and Laos across those valleys of mekong river.


Try to watch both  the sunrise and the sunset.This is the sunrise view.


The highlighting thing of this trip was,those Tribal kids all dressed up for displaying their talents of singing and dancing at 6.30am,their innocence at this picture made me feel that i am so lucky to live all these moments.
So,guys better backpack and travel,december is the best time to visit according to me.
i am planning to visit this place again in december 2015.
Till than Happy travelling.


8 thoughts on “Tourism-phu chi fah

  1. Nice Blog
    I got there long time ago.
    It is still beautiful and calm place.
    Wanna be there someday :))
    By the way I like ur blog
    Keep doing this
    Sharing more pics of u and great places….would be awesome
    Anyway I like all of them.

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