Toursim and the effect on the community.

The travel story goes like this…The Trip to Egypt-Misr in November 2011 was so Life changing experience..As i was going through the places to travel in Egypt-The trip would have been incomplete if one doesn’t travel to Aswan and doesn’t experience Nubian community.So,Nubians are ethnic group from northern Sudan and lives in southern Egypt.A walk around Nubian village with a visit to a local home is a very common thing on an itienary of whoever visits Aswan,Egypt.The first view itself was so striking enough.Friendly people,culturally upgraded,traditionally here,especially Nubian women contributes more to the Nubian community as they are the people who brings in tourists to their homes,display their artwork,their cooking talents in their local cuisine,etc,.Nubian village and the Nubian women are the most important identities of Nubian cultural tourism in Egypt.Nubians just dont produce great folklore music,but beautiful clothes,ethnic handicrafts and distinctive spices.Nubian community is home to the beautiful world’s second largest Man-Made lake-Lake Nassar facing the awe strucked and magnificent Abu simbel.The interesting thing which i saw at Nubian village  were mud brick houses,sand floors,keeping alligators as pets,creative and daily life inspired paintings and artifacts at home..And as the village is right across the Nile so the eco community tourism is developing.As i went with 6 -8 friends of mine from various countries like China,Australia,Argentina,India and BrazilDSC01304 DSC01317 DSC01385 Luxor Aswan Abu Simbel 385 to just see and understand what is it all about ,that itself displays that somehow we definately contributed lot to the community which I am pretty sure and i also saw that it  is conserving  natural and cultural environment…so,lets not miss visiting  this fantastic gateway of Egypt and most importantly of Africa.

For more information about how Nubian community has been evolving.. check-


82 thoughts on “Toursim and the effect on the community.

    • Monica motivating for the people and the economy. First time I came to know about this exciting activities of Nubian tribes. Another mystery & exploration for the tourism & travellers.

  1. Dear Monica, One really needs courage & determination to do all these things, its because of some extraordinary proactive people like you, we on earth know so much about our surrounding. You may choose tourism industry as your career. May God bless you with all the positive thinking in life. Keep exploring, keep writing, keep spreading. -Love Jitu 🙂

  2. Well written! Got to know some very interesting facts about some unheard places and communities of Egypt.
    Keep writing but yes, would love to know about the whole trip with a bit more details please?
    P.S I’m glad that I’ve been a part of this trip of yours 🙂

  3. Dear Monica, one really needs courage and determination to do all these things. Its because of some extraordinary and proactive people like you, we on earth know so much about our surrounding. Keep exploring, keep writing, keep spreading. May GOD almighty gives you the guidance and positive thinking in life. -Love Jitu 🙂

  4. That’s an amazing experience you have shared with everyone. Your short but enlightening story made the world look more beautiful. I’d love to travel to Nubian Village/Egypt some day…
    P.S. – I love the idea of alligators as pets. Wonder how they name them. 😉

    • Yeah i think travelling makes one enlightened with aweasme,random experiences..lets go together this time and try naming them too 🙂 yes this community is bit rather unexplored.

  5. Wow..!!!..wonderful description..thanks fr making us realize hw imporatant we r as indivisuals towards community…gotta learn to bring change..n do our bit fr our own community frm dem…n thats what travel is all about..:-)..plzz do share more with us..:-)

  6. Managing tourism to maintain quality of life for local people and a quality visitor experience is a challenge in increasing numbers of destinations.nice work monica…

  7. Thank you Monica for this article. I still remember how excited and sleepy you were when I first picked you up from the Airport. Luxor & Aswan are one of the most amazing places in Egypt and Africa. You can find a unique culture that will change your way of thinking for the rest of your life. And to add to that and to the point of amazing women contributing in amazing ways, Siwa and the oasis in the western desert are places not to ever miss next time. Travel changes people and people change the world. So keep going from one place to another and don’t stop !

    • hahahahha yes..super sleepy..yes,the uniquness was so simple thaf it made difficult fr me to accept it at 1st go.yup siwa is on ma list..ur support would help me more i m sure to travel more. 🙂 thanks a tonne

  8. Wow! this is such an amazing article monica, your style of writing is so honest ,after reading this I really want to travel like you someday and gain so much of an experience .Really love how hard working and amazing person you are .Congratulations on the blog hope to read such amazing articles more and be inspired by you to travel more and see the world out there, so much to learn man .
    Keep up the good work . All the best 🙂

  9. It’s well written ! It’s good if you travel more and write more story.
    The more the experience the better the strory (:
    Keep doing
    I am waiting for the next ! 😀

  10. 100 days of hapiness… am glad you shared this beautiful journey…
    though i was always updating and reading ur FB posts whenever u uploaded them… 🙂
    so i can very well connect to ur journey as i was already connected to it… 🙂

  11. It really reminds me of the time we spent in the Nubian community, those beautiful buildings and decorations, the authentic culture and peaceful people over there. Feeling thankful for having you all during the trip as well!!

  12. Well well hey it is good to know information .I always wanted to travel Egypt. And I also wish to travel Venice….well , I guess such unexplored places should b known to travellers and people. Tourism in such places will help in better economy. Please Keep adding to our knowledge through such blogs. Thanks

  13. Nice article di, quite inspiring! Made me feel like going back there and travelling all over Egypt once again. keep up the wonderful writing…!!

  14. That’s really fantastic Monica ! This is sheer feeling of happiness..To explore a country meaningfully.The pictures look very vibrant and reveal the rich culture of Egypt and its really great of you to have understood the place with such depth.I admire your passion for travel.

  15. After reading this article i too wish to visit this place….Visiting Egypt has been on my wish list for a very long time,,, but now i guess i’m gonna shift it to the top most spot so that i can also experience this beautifully described place soon…. 🙂

  16. An amazing article and very helpful for people who not only loves to travel and explore,but also wants to know the culture of the place. You are doing great…keep writing.

  17. Nice to know something different today. For me travel is like an adrenaline rush and when it comes to knowing about a different city and what it has to offer to the tourists, it makes my day. Looking forward for some more insights on your next trip. Keep posting more pictures along with your words. 🙂

  18. your story makes a strong first impression about the place..very well written..I hope you come up wid more n more of these stories about different places in d dt we can relate to the places in a better way..!! 🙂

  19. it’s really wonderful to know about Nubian community.. I’m so encouraged by you and your dedication..Please try write your blog bit more simplicity..:)

  20. hi ! teacher. I’m baimond ^[+++]^
    – It was very interesting place,I never known and went to this place before. I think It very wonderful If many people are there contributed.
    It’s amazing experirnce that you ever go to Egypt , I think it great for many people who never this and want to know or interested.

    -You’re Nice wriiter :]

  21. teacherrrrrrrrr 😀 it’s me supitcha mute.
    i want to go to the Nubian village now!.there are very interesting! people who lived in nubian village they can do everything especially womens and i never know before made me feel in the world have many things for learning such as culture or anything.
    your experience is very special.i like your blog teacher 😀

    ps. my writing is very bad TT i’m sorry teacher hahaha

  22. Thank you for sharing. Very nice article!! I learned and traveled to Nubian; a small beautiful world with you. Keep learning , Keep writing!!!

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