Thailand Education

so,its been long time that i have been blogging..let me continue with the series of cultural shock which definately makes impact on everything…everything means as the bit of focus here lies a bit on education so..let me start off now..

1)Thai culture-sanook sanook(enjoy,enjoy),sabai sabai(good good) has starting creating a messy situation in thai education system.yes i know nobody loves changes..but yes someone has to start to take the risk of changing things…

2)The style of adapting to the old way of teaching has to change.independence to the the students and teachers is required in the teaching process,mai pen rai(its ok,no problem) attitude has to change.yes changes cannot happen overnight,but changes should not take centuries too..yes(chai yan yan) everytime….no…we have the opportunity now so make the best use of it now..

3) cmon people lets produce natural speakers and not robots…how are you?? i am fine and u??…phewww. there are more adjectives in english.right..simple basic changes.fine can be changed to great,good,not good,okay,whatever…. i am not asking people to change in great way.understanding of a concept is much more important than google searched printouts…

so…as i was helping my students for a debate competiton, i have been seeing series of annoying,interesting,surprising things..and i realised that somehow education system invariably not just english education system,all in all….many things can help to improve..but english education system,lets see i realised TOURISM,oh yeah it does help the community to develop and help people to communicate in whatever way they can.more tourists,more interaction.i feel its not a forced not just economy wise-but a heart to heart interaction,development of personal skills.all this happens naturally…yes we cannot avoid GDP  and all,but right now,Thailand needs tourism in this way where a community is in a continuos process of learning…..OK GUYS SEE YOU SOON….


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